This is all my personal opinion and while I personally am off the hype train of La La Land I cannot argue how great of a film it is. Also it should be noted that I do think far outside the box. Now that i got that out of the way here are my bold predictions.

Best Original Screenplay: The Lobster

I understand it is a crazy prediction considering that The Lobster is in contention with Hell or High Water, La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, and 20th Century Woman. The Lobster has such an original idea and the screenplay for it was written beautifully. The Oscars do tend to have a bias for movies that depict Hollywood itself so La La Land is second but the originality of The Lobster for me takes the cake.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Lion

I was torn apart by this one because Moonlight was written so well that it could be my prediction to win but I had to go with my gut and go with Lion because it was adapted from the book so well that I did not have any problem with much of the movie. Although Moonlight is a top teir contender here Lion takes it.

Visual Effects: Doctor Strange

Cmon how can you even contend with this movie that is almost entirely visual effects. I mean so is the Jungle Book but the lengths that the visual effects department did for Doctor Strange went above and beyond.

Sound Mixing: Arrival 

This is aswell a tossup and i feel all these movies have a case to win. Yes incuding 13 Hours. Typically war films win when in contention but I could not stop but be in amazement when hearing Arrival. But again any one of these can win and I can make an arguement about everyone one of them. This is just my personal pick.

Sound Editing: La La Land

I honestly just feel this is going to La La Land because of its musical style. All are deserving but La La Land takes it.

Short Film (Live Action): Silent Nights

Cmon its 2017 and race is hotly debated topic in this day and age…. need i say more?

Short Film (Animated): Piper

If im being honest I chose Piper because its visually stunning and so adorable… I hope I dont lose credibility in your eyes we are just about to get to the good part.

Production Design: Fantastic Beasts

In my opinion Hail Caesar and Fantastic Beats are the leaders right now just because of the time it took place in and how well it protrayed that era. Although Passengers was futuresq and La La Land was modern-ish that was kind of old school. Fantastic Beasts stuck to its era and mystified me.

Music (Original Song): Audition

Audition and City of Stars are the leaders in this category. Although I cant stop this feeling by Justin Timberlake get me grooving everytime and Lin Manuel Miranda is just a lyrical genius, Audition is the epitomy of a stary eyed dreamer. I also will no knock down Sting…. Sting’s song The Empty Chair is aslo really amazing. Audtion resonates with me so much and I feel emotion everytime I hear it and Emma Stone does justice to the song. Audition takes the cake.

Music (Original Score): Lion

La La Land and Moonlight can easily take this one aswell, but as a trained violinist and symphony perfmorner I felt that Lion just evoked more emphasis to the movie. The score made the film better and blended so well with the scenes. It also did with Moonlight and La La Land but Lion hit the feels and got emotions out of me. I got to go with my gut.

Makeup and Hairstyling: Star Trek Beyond

With such a small category I have a 33.3% chance to get this one right. Yes I was being cheeky. The makeup in Star Trek was in my opinion was phenomenal. As with killer croc and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad but I honestly feel that Star Trek takes it.

Foreign Language Film: The Salesman

I honestly do go back to race here and how the Oscars want to make themselves feel like they are more diverse. I know its ironic because its foreign but its going to The Salesman (Iran) because of whats going on currently in the United States.

Film Editing: Hell or High Water

This is another category that can have anyone win but considering that Hell or High Water was put together so beautifully, aswell as other movies. I feel this is the only Oscar it gets.

Documentary (Short Subject): The White Helmets

This was actually a really well put together short documentary but I feel it also goes to The White Helmets because of what is going on in Syria. 

Documentary (Feature): OJ Made in America

It gives the whole story of the beloved OJ Simpson. Either this one wins or 13th or I am not your Negro. But do not get me wrong they are all good films and deserve the gold statue but i feel like it goes to one of these three.

Directing: Damien Chazelle

I dont care about his age nor his previous history in films, La La Land was directed so beautifully and its musical aspects had to be blocked to perfection. Not to say Mel Gibson didnt do a hell of a good job with Hacksaw Ridge but Damien takes it for his vision and artistry.

Costume Design: Allied

Lets be real the Academy loves era designed costumes and WW2 films. 

Cinematography: Linus Sandgren

What Linus did in La La Land really did put me into the movie and made me feel apart of this Los Angeles era that Damien envisioned and Linus deserves recognitions for his talent.

Animated (Feature File): Kubo

I will not say that animation is easy as i can hardly draw myself but Kubo’s stop motion is very impressive and deserves recognition for their story and efforts and the way it was depicted. Although Zootopia is a front runner I feel Kubo sneaks into it.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Viola Davis

If Viola does not win I will be upset. In every scene she is in she drives it and holds the audiences attention. It was quite remarkable what she did in Fences and deserves the Oscar

Actor in a Supporting Role: Dev Patel

I felt his emotions and pain and he drove the movie cause it was all about his character. Although Masherhala Ali is a front runner Dev had more of an impact in the film and overall had a better performance.

Actress in a Leading Role: Emma Stone

I cannot stress enough how impressive Emma was. It was almost a role written just for her. She was so believable and stary eyed. Her pain and happiness seemed geniune and like they came from a place where she was once from. 

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Casey Affleck

I give props to Casey for playing his role. To be so emotionally distant and away from reality and be socially awkward as he was is so tough. Most of his acting is his facial expressions and his explosions of anger but his character is so much more complex than that it is almost disheartening to see.

And now for the big picture!

Best Picture: La La Land

Possibly the greatest film to emerge from 2016 and the overall most well put together film. The characters the writing the music the directing the costumes and the cinematography is all there. The story of stary eyd dreamers wanting to live out their dreams. Although it doesnt have a strong message like Moonlight or Hidden Figures, La La Land was just put together better and i think just had a better story that audiences can relate to. If La L Land doesnt win it is because of a different motive… La La Land is the best picture out of all 9 and im sticking to it.


This is the hardest test for me personally of not being biased but i can do it.

La La Land is a great movie and much praise goes to Damien Chazelle the writer and director. His passion project really paid off and really inspires younger people who have been let down by Hollywood to not give up on their dreams. The movie is much more than a love story, although at first glance and maybe to the non movie going eye it is just a love story. The movie is about dreams and making them a reality. I cannot praise Damien Chazelle enough and Emma Stone. Emma’s character really did a good job portraying as a striving young actress in Los Angeles. She progressed throughout the movie and even pushed Ryan Goslings character to his best. Although Goslings character is dry. His character seems plain to the naked eye but his inflection in voice and eye movements make for some good acting. Gosling is underrated yet i do not feel that he should win the best actor award in the Oscars. The lovie itself if seen properly and if the audience understands it well enough is a 9.5/10!

Thats the highest rated movie ive seen in all of 2016…

Manchest by the Sea is a very different and unique film. The character development of Lee (Casey Affleck) was amazing. Lee is the perfect achetype for a Boston man, when watching the movie all that stuck out was the hardened person he is. The film also gives back ground story to him showing what made him become that way and it truly is amazing. Casey Affleck did a wonderful job. The cast as well did very good aswell. Randi (Michelle Williams) and Patrick (Lucas Hedges) both deserved the Oscar nominations they earned although Randi was hardly in the movie, every scene she was in was stunning. Michelle Williams did an outstanding job in every scene she was in and deserves recognition. Lucas Hedges on the other hand had some up and down scenes. Although that was the character he was portraying an emotional teenager who is going through a rough time. His portrayal does speak out loud but it was not solid through out the film. The movie overall was interesting the choice in cinematography and editing was very different and at times confusing so that brings the rating a bit down. But the story overall was brilliant. Should have been edited better but over the movie is an 8.1/10

The movie Collateral Beauty is a tear jerker, as anyone can tell from the trailers. It has a very great cast with some powerful performances. Will Smith without a doubt gives what I believe to be the performance of his career. I know that may be shocking to hear considering in the Pursuit of Happiness he did give us a great performance, but his perfomance in Collateral Beauty blows it out of the water. The emotion he portrays and distance he exhibits throughout has the audience feeling very personal with his character. Also it should be noted it wasnt only Will Smith doing this but the director did a great job giving the audience a deep connection with the story and the characters. The supporting cast by Winslet, Peña, and Norton did right by the screenwriters characters. The development of the characters and the stories of each and every one of them are hard to watch but uplifting as well.  The movie run time and the fact the that the idea of Collateral Beauty is not explained does bring the movie down a notch. Not to mention major plot holes. But overall if you are looking for a great tear jerker to kind of make you feel better about your own life and struggles then Collateral Beauty is the movie for you. Also keep in mind this movie is very symbollic. 8.2/10

Hello blog reader and or vistor, welcome to my blog and as you may know this is my very first post. My goal for this blog is write and critque movie reviews and share my insight on movies. I would also love to be personal with all of my followers and supporters. Currently I am asking for movies to watch so i can jumpstart this blog faster. So if anyone can please leave me some suggestions I would love that. As it is Oscars Season I am jumping on that train and you shall be seeing my picks and snubs. Thank you and I hope you all enjoy this blog.